Friday, July 02, 2004

She's sweet, and true, and I admire her. I am jealous she punches all of my friends, affectionately. She doesn't do anything with me except act awkward.

Oh. something funny. I saw the woman I asked out. In the grocery store parking lot. No wait, first I saw her in the store. I don’t think she saw me. I quickly grabbed my things and went to the cashier, and then I slowed down, like, wouldn’t it be great to run into her. it’s the first time I’ve seen her since I went to her workplace that last time, and she is hot. What is it about simple jeans and a tshirt that is so sexy. so I waited around but she didn’t show up and I assumed she somehow left before me. then I did another errand and when I was done, on a hunch, I came back, and there she was putting her groceries in her car. I was like, this was meant to happen, so I started to drive closer and thought I’d just pull up along side and tell her about the party and try again.

Just then another woman pulled up alongside, and they were friends, and she leaned over in that very sexy way one does, into the driver’s side window, hand on the roof of the car, and then the woman in the car got out and they talked. For 20 minutes. I pulled into a space and watched through my rearview. Every now and then she looked like she was looking right at me. Maybe she saw my ny license. Maybe she could see me, or maybe she saw me in the grocery store. I have no idea. It seems likely that she could see me and that she did not want to talk to me. I enjoyed watching her but I felt like a stalker, and it didn’t feel right. I mean, I didn’t have confidence. Because while she was very flirtatious in person, she never returned my phone calls. So she missed out. And what was I doing, what was I hoping for? I tried to summon my guts and promised myself that when her friend left I’d dash over and say hi. But when her friend left she immediately got in her car and pulled out. In a hurry. I made it only half way across the street. And I felt like a dork standing there watching her drive off, sure that she could see me. Butches shouldn’t treat femmes that way. If a butch is shy she should still be strong and make it just a little bit easier for the femme to approach. Oh well. Maybe I’ll see her again. Now I know where she shops. I'll pose in front of the tomatoes. She won't be able to resist